I'm very tired of this Nature paper but since Joe Rogan and Vinay Prasad keep purposefully misquoting it, the risk of myocarditis is an extra 40/million after covid infection, 4x higher than the risk of mrna.

@PadaPrabu @Mike82784912 @joerogan You've completely changed the subject lol. The question from the beginning was: risk of vaccine myo vs. Risk of covid myo, which is disingenuous framing anyway because covid carries additional complications. Spacing doses, mandates, etc...that's a different discussion.

@50megatonFbomb @Mike82784912 @joerogan 2/ No mandates are not a seperate discussion because policy and vaccination are now inextricably linked. You are not following the plot

@PadaPrabu @Mike82784912 @joerogan Idk man, this was the original exchange that prompted me to comment. And while there *may* be some debate about the incident rate among teens receiving moderna, the absolute risk of cardiac damage is plainly higher for unvaxed covid patients in that demo.

@50megatonFbomb @Mike82784912 @joerogan Assumed you would have read the article you specifically claimed "misinterprets the data". Could have avoided this whole back and forth of you had 🤷‍♂️ Anyway your arguing against a position i dont hold, so we'll let this one go

@PadaPrabu @50megatonFbomb @Mike82784912 @joerogan Damn, that was some serious debating going on over an article that he hadn't even read😬🤦‍♂️ Twitter should have a function that doesn't allow people to comment on articles until they actually read them!😅🙄

@PadaPrabu @scottinnerfocus @Mike82784912 @joerogan The problem is that the substacker misrepresented the actual paper knowing that you rubes would not pick up on it. Again, there was no unvaxed control group and he does not mention this in his substack. You guys need to read the fucking paper.

@50megatonFbomb @scottinnerfocus @Mike82784912 @joerogan Listen dingus, did you get past the abstract?? If you think this study design somehow invalidates the paper, then you are truely confused about how to derive causality from a study, and I cant help you with that. Did you even read this part? Dude just stop ✋

@PadaPrabu @scottinnerfocus @Mike82784912 @joerogan twitter.com/DrPoorman/stat… Here's a really good rundown of the issue. I can only say all this stuff a billion times.

@50megatonFbomb @scottinnerfocus @Mike82784912 @joerogan Wow😭😭 Did you actually read the thread in detail??? She misrepresents his article in the first tweet!! Yes Poorman, myocarditis is higher overall- THE SUBSTACK IS SPECIFICALLY TALKING ABOUT MEN<40. WHERE THE RATES ARE HIGHER U don't understand this, so ill go on with my day

@PadaPrabu @scottinnerfocus @Mike82784912 @joerogan And again for the 1 billionth time, because of the study design, you cannot draw that conclusion without noting that the MC rate among covid patients would be depressed if the vax reduces the likelihood of covid MC.