AZ is 2nd highest increase of #COVID19 seven-day average at 113%. Schools need every mitigation strategy at their disposal to protect students, staff & community. @dougducey…

@AZ1Thomas @dougducey Unfortunately the legislature, endorsed by Ducey, has already severely hamstrung any mitigation efforts. AZ voters need to wake up and send these politicians out the door. We’ve not paid attention way too long.

@AZ1Thomas @dougducey Why don’t we believe that the way to keep kids in school is to mask, vaccinate, and take other mitigation measures? Our school district is in high transmission & still acting like Covid doesn’t exist. Who can force the issue? Who CAN mandate masks? Can @Maricopahealth?

@AZ1Thomas @dougducey Does Ducey ever admit he made a mistake? He needs to give schools (local school boards) & our universities flexibility in dealing with the Covid spike. Rescind the executive orders now. Quit pandering to right wingers & anti-vaxxers.

@chrisherstam @AZ1Thomas @dougducey This is why we are collecting signatures to tell the Governor we demand better. Join over 4,500 Arizonans who feel the same way!… #Right2SafeAZSchools

@AZ1Thomas @dougducey Thank you Joe!! Keep me posted on anything i can do to help this cause!! I want my 10 year old back in school w masks until he can be vaccinated!!

@thos3122 @AZ1Thomas @dougducey Thankfully Ducey is terming out 2022. But I agree about the legislature. The GOP legislators need voted out.

@AZ1Thomas @dougducey Mr. Thomas-all children & families should have the right to choose what is best for themselves. Our children have suffered. Masks do not control this virus. Viruses are seasonal. #UNMASKOURCHILDREN

@AZ1Thomas @dougducey AZ has lost 5% of its public school children during a time of high economic growth. Many have autism, neurological problems, parents who want #medicalfreedom. Do you want to lose more of AZ's students to other schools of choice?