Today’s #COVID19 dashboard update adds 1,174 cases and 10 deaths. Vaccines are free and highly effective at preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19, including from the Delta variant. Find a location and get vaccinated today.

@AZDHS Please also wear your mask, whether vaccinated or not. Vaccinated individuals are protected from serious illness, but may transmit the virus. To stem the tide of COVID19, please mask up!

@AZDHS @dougducey dushbag stop hiding and take responsibility for this

@AZDHS @FOX10Phoenix How does the vaccine help against delta variant if it's being reported as a new strain?

@Tani96897191 @AZDHS @FOX10Phoenix The Delta variant is a new strain BUT the vaccine works by attaching itself to the shape of the viruses protein which is still the same as the rest of the strains so far. If the outer protein of the virus changes dramatically then that’s when the vaccine will have a hard time.

@lotzof_gas @AZDHS You think this will subside in 2-3 weeks? Where have you been for the last year and a half?

@annavh14 @AZDHS Two children literally just died. Two. One in Georgia and one in Virginia.

@AZDHS Everyone has had an opportunity for a FREE vaccine...they don't want it? Then let those FREE ADULTS choose their own outcomes. Throwing away vaccine and forcing pharmacies to take bigger vial shipments because it's outdating soon shows there is no convincing the rest.