Age of Empires IV needs YOU! From now through September 20th the Technical Stress Test is OPEN TO ALL! We need you to invite your friends and family, settle in on your favorite gaming chair, and play, play play! ⚔️Get access now at ⚔️

Due to high interest, access to Steam will be sent out in batches, we appreciate your patience during our gradual rollout!

@AgeOfEmpires Are you sure it's not a problem resulting from the Steam playtest being wrongly configured?

@AgeOfEmpires why are you lying? just take responsibility for screwing up. i logged into my second steam account and INSTANTLY got access to the play test. i didn't even need to check my email. meanwhile, my main account that i requested access for TWO DAYS ago still does not have access.

@AgeOfEmpires I mean, it would've been good to know that before I cleared my day to play... But thanks, anyway, it gives me some peace of mind.

Just an FYI for everyone waiting for #aoe4 @AgeOfEmpires STEAM email for the stress test, it seems to be bugged for people that requested it prior to launch. Log into another account and click request and its instantly available. RT

@AgeOfEmpires Good to know that those who are joining today can already play, those who joined earlier this week not. Nice Screw up with a lame false excuse. I chanceld the game after all i could see on Twitch now. AoE2De still looks more interessting and entertaining. Thx :-)