This year I’m thankful I wasn’t peer pressured into taking a vaccine that would have done literally nothing for me ❤️

@MsBlaireWhite Vaccinated people make up a majority of covid deaths because the majority of people is vaccinated. If you have 100 people and vaccinate 99 of them, and then the one unvaxxed and two vaxxed people die, the headline will be true even though the mortality rate of unvaxxed is 100%

@DaveMcLion @MsBlaireWhite Should we dig up all the propaganda now where we were told we needed to stop the spread.. told it would lessen symptoms.. told vaccinated people aren’t dying from Covid? Or can you just acknowledge we were lied to from day one..

@anthony556762 @DaveMcLion @MsBlaireWhite Please do quote anybody saying the vax is 100% effective. What you are doing is steel manning... pretending people claimed the vax was perfect, so any shortcoming is proof they lied. But they never said it was 100% effective.

@DarkNookShop @anthony556762 @DaveMcLion @MsBlaireWhite Fraudulent Fauci said it was 100% effective just like Biden. Just like Rachel Madcow. They all said if you get the Fauci sauce then you can't get the virus nor transmit it. Rachel Madcow was the main one pushing that.