Darts about to go off next season

@Alliepisarik3 Breakout year for Dart no question. First round pick awaits him next year.

@njsmith451 I think he’ll be at OM for at least 2 more years.

@pizzamcrib He can’t. They changed the rule. I think he stays and fights for the job

@Alliepisarik3 I wish I could believe in Dart the way you guys seem to, but I've watched him throw the ball, and I don't see it. Might as well give a blind guy a giant slingshot on passes beyond 10 yards. It's so bad, Kiffin just started running the ball on 3rd and long every time.

@FISM_Editor A lot of people gave up on Matt corral. I’m not saying they’re the same, because they’re very different players. But I am saying I think he improves tremendously in the off season