When you don’t understand how science works

@yosemitedoran @MollyJongFast The highlighted line is at odds with the rest of the statement. The scientific consensus being x doesn't mean x is true. Science can and has been wrong. If it wasn't sometimes wrong, it would never change. Disagreeing with science doesn't make one wrong, only at odds with science

@AgoraPnyx @yosemitedoran @MollyJongFast If science is findind the truth and not the truth itself then if you are against science you are by default against finding the truth.

@AlphaclassARC @yosemitedoran @MollyJongFast “Finding the truth” is a poor definition of science. Science is a, and not THE, means of finding truth. Truth is objective reality, it doesn’t matter how many people believe wrongly, they’re still wrong.

@AgoraPnyx @yosemitedoran @MollyJongFast That would be appeal to the majority. A fallacy. That something must be true ourely because a majority believes it is. Of course, we are justified in often siding with the majority, but it becomes a fallacy when "the majority" itself becomes an argument.

@AgoraPnyx @yosemitedoran @MollyJongFast And if people use science and get the wrong answer then the sciences isn't wrong, the people are.