"We stan a queen that can sing and do math." - @johnlegend on @ArianaGrande ➗😂 #VoicePremiere

@joangrande trained me. queen of math and absolutely everything.

@ArianaGrande @joangrande she must not like 34+35 if she’s the queen of math huh

@ArianaGrande you're so sweet.... math and music, the center of the universe!!! I love you sweetheart, you were an incredibly inspiring and honest coach, and you spouted pearls of wisdom, damn you're great! cannot wait until tomorrow! xoxoxoxox~

@joangrande @ArianaGrande what ab ‘math class never was good’ LMAOOO love u

@ArianaGrande @joangrande “math class…never was good” which one is it tho🤔

@micheldevan Leave ari alone she said what she said period