Here is my method to conduct (and automate) a literature review. Using Google Scholar, @scite , @LitMaps , #ChatGPT, @zotero and @obsdmd. Tutorial with examples and best practices: 👇

@scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd We start with a search. But: Without domain knowledge, it's hard to tell what is relevant. We might collect too many. Instead: Find SEED papers and explore their relevant references/citations. → Fewer but more relevant papers. (I will show a tool for this)

@scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd Google Scholar is google but for scientific papers. But: - the domains are mixed up. - it ranks mostly by # of citations → older papers prioritized Use it to find SEED papers, not for an exhaustive search. Its strength: @zotero and @scite integration

@Artifexx @scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd Wildly different terminology for the same subject & methods one doesn’t know about yet because it’s a new field will obscure 90% of the field to you at the start. The more relevant variables a subject has, e.g. polymers, microbial fuel cells, etc., the more you are screwed.

@Artifexx @scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd What do you think of Mendeley, as an alternative of Zetero?

@mzaki8 @scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd Not much. I don't see the point. Zotero is an "aged" app but its integrations are fantastic - that's why I use it. Mendeley imho has no real benefit. Whoever creates a true note-taking-referencemanager app will make a lot of people happy!

@ResurgeQuality @scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd Agreed. If you have a colleague or supervisor. A good way is to start at Step 3 using THEIR colleciton.

@jeremycabral @scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd @foundmyfitness @BioLayne @hubermanlab If Rhonda Patrick starts reading my tweets, I think I have arrived. She is the reason why I got into researching longevity, this lead to a fascination for biology, 1 year of volunteering, a dozen PhD applications ...and now arriving in New Zealand to finally do a PhD!

@Artifexx @scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd Is it the same way if I use Mendeley instead of Zotero?

@advanzubaidi @scite @LitMaps @zotero @obsdmd Pretty much yes. You need to export bibtex all ref manages will do. We talk about it in the webinar/course too.