Thank you @BarackObama for joining this week’s COVID-19 Community Corps call to honor the work our Corps members have done — not only to protect our nation from #COVID19, but to remind us that we can all be powerful sources of healing for one another.

It was great speaking with @Surgeon_General Murthy and the COVID-19 Community Corps volunteers across the country who've been spending their time and energy encouraging their communities to get vaccinated. Their work is making a difference and will help us end this pandemic.…

@BarackObama @Surgeon_General @BarackObama I am the son of an Afghanistan immigrant mother. We live in Turkey My father and stepmother took all my strength away. I don't want to die I have no other choice I'm begging you hear my voice Nobody helps us because my mother is Afghan. @BarackObama

@BarackObama @Surgeon_General I believe mask are a way of life now. To many ppl refuse to get vaccinated. They leave us no choice. Pls be safe all.

@Phyllis31820644 @BarackObama @Surgeon_General Unvaccinated people are the individuals who are responsible for creating the various Covid mutations because once COVID-19 or the Delta Variant, and now the Mu Variant enters the body, the virus 🦠 mutates!

@Y77309632Mehmet @BarackObama @Surgeon_General I'm so sorry you're struggling. No idea what kind of help you need but I hope our nation and communities hear you and give you the help you need