Today is the last day to sign up for health insurance and have coverage starting on January 1! Sign up at today, folks.

@BarackObama @POTUS Okay but can you talk to him about canceling student loans. They gave millionaires PPP Loans and forgave them in less than 1 year. We need that same energy. Not requiring us to work for 10 years and maybe having loans forgiven.

@BarackObama @POTUS No can do. Unfortunately it does not cover any healthcare coverage for holistic care, naturopathic care, Chiropractic or Plant-Based healthcare. Why spend thousands of dollars a year on a health plan that is unusable?? Money out the window? No thanks… I’m not that rich

@BarackObama @POTUS I remember when we could enroll for Health Insurance all year long the coverage was better the deductible was less and the cost was less! But then we got the ACA horrible!

@BarackObama @POTUS Thank you @BarackObama for the ACA! Huge positive difference in lives of Americans