Merry Christmas, everybody! This year, I got a little help spreading holiday cheer from Sunny. Wishing you all a peaceful and joyful holiday season with the ones you love.

@BarackObama Merry Christmas to the best President EVER!

@BarackObama Merry Christmas right back & to all! 🎄Since I’m commenting on this so early i just got done watching “Don’t Look Up!” on Netflix & it was disturbingly incredible, if anyone’s up for something like that today. Understandable if not though, just add it to your list.

@FlipsterCm @BarackObama Don´t know about EVER but certainly in my lifetime.

@1Jedi_Rey @BarackObama Watched it last night. Stinging satire. Scary parallels with the US in the past few years.

@RevChuckCurrie @BarackObama I agree. Thanks for the interpretation of Jesus' message.