Great news, folks. A record 10 million people have enrolled in health care through since November 1st. This Saturday, January 15th, is the last day to sign up, so be sure to go to before midnight on the 15th and get covered.

Tomorrow, January 15th is the last day to sign up for health care until the fall at Make sure to get covered today.…

We've seen how the Affordable Care Act continues to help folks—especially in states that didn't expand Medicaid—get the peace of mind they need. But we still have more work to do to expand access to quality, affordable health care.…

@BarackObama We still miss you! What an inspiration your life story is! 🙌🏻

@BarackObama Why are there deadlines to sign up for health care? That's absurd

@BarackObama Or, we could pass Medicare for all and make participation mandatory and registration automatic. But, Obamacare is a great first step.

@graffitteee @BarackObama Indeed! He has very touched lifestyle. God bless him!

@DurenzoFlops @BarackObama I'm thinking maybe it's because otherwise everyone would only sign up as soon as they needed medical expenses covered. They wouldn't be paying any money into the policy beforehand and the companies would all go bankrupt.

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