Great news, folks. A record 10 million people have enrolled in health care through since November 1st. This Saturday, January 15th, is the last day to sign up, so be sure to go to before midnight on the 15th and get covered.

Tomorrow, January 15th is the last day to sign up for health care until the fall at Make sure to get covered today.…

We've seen how the Affordable Care Act continues to help folks—especially in states that didn't expand Medicaid—get the peace of mind they need. But we still have more work to do to expand access to quality, affordable health care.…

@BarackObama Sadly, I'm one of the in-between people. Make to much to get the insurance quoted, but not wealthy enough to just get it on my own. I pay for everything when needed. Then hold my breath that I don't get badly injured or sick.

@BarackObama @smartdissent So the red states, all these non medicaid expanded people signing on, are they aware this is a 'social program?' Maybe they should look at what being in the GOP is doing for them, and not, more closely.

@sharonrfw @BarackObama Keep the faith, things will get back to success soon.

@HavenPolitico @BarackObama @smartdissent The ACA included an income floor. People under the poverty level are not eligible for marketplace subsidies. It wasn’t the GOP that passed the ACA.

@BarackObama What about the ones that don't make enough money to qualify for the Affordable Care Act help, but state didn't expand Medicaid??? There's no help at all for us!

@JanusTiresias @BarackObama how can american exceptionalism and vapid incrementalism exist in the same space?