@sushmakaran @KishwerM Yeah divya fought with raqesh everyday and asked him not to talk to shamita because she has trust issues with her and tried to turn the whole house against her but still raqesh didn't give in how bad is that please get ur facts rights or watch the show again

@bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Yes shamita said not to talk Divya but why she comes and sits with raq and why she always makes food chai etc...for raq it's just because divya took it as advantage and showed shamita as negative if divya really not interested to break as girl she has to ignore them

@sushmakaran @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Raq and divya are frnds and no one frnd of divya except raq,that's why divya want to talk with req,and shamoo is42 and that time she behaves so immature and in bb15 shamo say"mujhe is larki ka samajh nahi aa raha"oh god,double personality Shamita #BBQueenTejasswi #KaranIsTheBoss

@BhawnaS58691983 @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM She is not at all a friend she just took it as advantage nishanth is friend shamita doesn't give any importance to Karan she only creating false statements #ShamitaShetty ott is finished already

@sushmakaran @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Oohh that's why she says in media interview "mai karan dost nahi ban paa rahe teja ki wajah se " .and in wkv salman clear that because of karan shamo not go in finale but shamo downgrade teja instead of karan waoo..#KaranIsTheBoss #BBQueenTejasswi #fakeshamita

@BhawnaS58691983 @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Shamita clearly said Karan is polite to me that's why not downgraded Even if shamita talks normally also she creates issue #ShamitaShetty #BBQueenShamita

@sushmakaran @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Where Shamoo talks normally with teja and teja create issue ?? And when bb announce the extention of show to wo shamoo he the the jisne kaha tha ohh I can't tolerate rakhi and AB they are too loud but when she have power she show her insecurity..this is Shamita..

@BhawnaS58691983 @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM I said normal talks with kk she already stayed 6weeks in ott now it's extended she is also human she can spoke her problems before that teja also nominated shamita in her place it's a game show peace out bye #ShamitaShetty

@sushmakaran @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Yess baby this is the game and shamo play game here with full of insecurity ..t It is not bad that shamo downgrade teju but the reason behind it is too wrong .yaar haq se bol na teja is a strongest contestant that's why I downgrade her simple,why she make jalebii #KaranIsTheBoss

@BhawnaS58691983 @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM She is not at all insecure teja is insecure she can't see Sham Karan talks also

@sushmakaran @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Baby why then why shamo talk to karan tell na? If shamo overinsecure in 42 on OTT regarding divya then why not teja insecure in 28 ..ky bus Shamita aunty ko insecure hone ka haq hai ..what the justified #KaranIsTheBoss #fakeshamita #BBQueenTejasswi

@BhawnaS58691983 @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Shamita not sits whole day with Karan like divya beja is insecure not only with shamita even with Rashmi vidi Donal pura din shamita pe bitching karthi hai shamita maintenance her distance go and watch ott stop accusing shamita

@sushmakaran @bxxxyyyzz @KishwerM Baby baby in OTT house raq is only frnd of divya that's why she talk to req, and no any love angle create between req and divya but here rakhi creat a angle between shamoo aunty and karan any any gf in this world get insecure at this situation. you too #KaranIsTheBoss .