Remember when the Tottenham squad got food poisoning before the West Ham game that cost us getting into Champions League…funny we still had to play.

@ChristinaZandes Yes but unfortunately back then there was no global pandemic that clubs could use to exploit the rules

@EWW_Dominator @ChristinaZandes Yes we had 9 first team players and 7 back room staff , the training ground closed on medical officers advise then once clear 2 more players tested positive don’t recall postponed games due to injuries

@Treborf67 @EWW_Dominator @ChristinaZandes 9 players? That still leaves you 17 players in your first team squad, before you even start talking about the U23. How is that 'unable to field a team?' it's 'we think we are a special case'.

@BigDogDrinks @EWW_Dominator @ChristinaZandes The ground was closed down by third party medical team do you understand the closed down part it wasn’t about numbers it was the infection rate and the remaining staff were instructed to isolate it was 5 days before it reopened not like LFC it manipulated results

@Treborf67 @EWW_Dominator @ChristinaZandes 5 days without a training ground? Oh, well, now you put it like that, easily justified... 🤣🤣🤣