Discovered there’s SPF 50+ hats!!! And SPF50+ long sleeve tops….this is very exciting. I can go on walks in grandma glory and not worry about the sun!

@ZebraZyra Yes! These are the best of the best. As a baldie I live by the SPF50 hat.

@BrentFord26 I’m so excited to go walking tomorrow!!! 😆😅

@ZebraZyra So good! Do you normally burn really easy? Perth is looking brutal. I think my friend said something like 36 on Tuesday 🤯🤯

@BrentFord26 I don’t burn east but I’m getting old so any sun exposure has me anxious for cancers and looking like a leather bag lol. Tuesday is a not leave the house day hahaha or go somewhere with really good free aircon hahaha

@ZebraZyra Ah gotcha. Sunscreen is always a big thing for me, and regular skin checks always. 🙌 Yes! That's a borrow someone's pool day 😂😂