Another early start to the day filling in for “Your Morning On @SpectrumNews1WI”. Is anyone #traveling today for the #Thanksgiving holiday? 🚗 ✈️ We’ve got you covered with a travel forecast!

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Sexy in glasses Good morning gorgeous have a great day beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🌹

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Going to visit my Mom today, as she is in memory care. Happy Thanksgiving Brooke to you and family, have blessed day 🦃🥧🙂.

Speaking of that #Travel Forecast, fortunately the weather is on your side in Wisconsin Wednesday as we'll be seeing lots of sunshine and highs for most in the 40s.

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family 👪 Say hello to your father from me we haven't exchanged messages in awhile I hope he is doing well. 🙏

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Weather it's morning daytime evening you ( brighton ) up everybody's day 🥰

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Heck ya, I'll have to dress like that by the time I get there tho.

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Traveling from Grantsburg to our nieces house near Poplar! Thank You for your work & Happy Thanksgiving 🍁