What's your favorite Thanksgiving side? Is turkey more important than the sides? @BrookeBrighton @PeteZervakisTV and I have opinions.

Asking the important questions this morning on @SpectrumNews1WI! But really, what is your favorite #Thanksgiving side? twitter.com/StorytellerRya…

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Dressing, mashed potatoes , and of course pumpkin or apples pie 🥧 🙂

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Dressing, followed by dressing, and then dressing. 😊

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Definitely sweet potato mash with marshmallows on top. My kids favorite too! They wait all day for it since it it is like dessert right in the middle of the meal. What's your favorite Thanksgiving side Brooke?

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Mac and cheese, stuffing, and mashed potatoes and gravy always fight for the top for me

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Dressing green bean casserole masked potatoes and gravy