Whether you’re working today or spending time with family and friends, I hope that you have a wonderful #Thanksgiving. 🦃 What are you most #thankful for this year? I am so #blessed that I get to do what I love each and every day on @SpectrumNews1WI. 💙📺

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Great pic! Happy Thanksgiving from your Florida teammate!

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Lucky you, Brooke and Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 I'm thankful for my Mr and our silly son 😊

@BrookeBrighton @SpectrumNews1WI Happy Thanksgiving Brooke!!! I’m thankful for life, the good and not so good.

@BrookeBrighton 🔥🔥 Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!