Hamilton and District Labour Council wants city council to get ball rolling on free public transit #HamOnt cbc.ca/news/canada/ha…

@CBCHamilton @MatthewGreenNDP There is no such thing as FREE Matthew. What you are tweeting about is called rate payer paid transit. Our property taxes are high enough.

@CBCHamilton @MatthewGreenNDP Public Transit is part of the Welfare System prove me wrong… 🤡 🌎

@CBCHamilton “There is nothing more expensive than something free”

@CBCHamilton Politicians and unions sell the dream of “free stuff”, our children and their children will service the nightmare

@CBCHamilton @HaruunYEG "free" means "no cost to the user", not "operates with no cost", you already share "free" roads with transit that your municipality built and maintains, it's ok for government not to be a business and public services not to be for-profit commodities if they do more good that way.