With endless potholes and cracking pavement, Barton St. East in Hamilton has been named Ontario’s worst road for the second consecutive year. @MattIngramNEWS reports. chch.com/hamiltons-bart…

@CHCHNews @MattIngramNEWS It will always be like this if asphalt keeps being used.

@CHCHNews @MattIngramNEWS shameful @cityofhamilton all that road money get spent painting crosswalks?

@CHCHNews @MattIngramNEWS The @cityofhamilton is finishing a long section of Highland road, that seemed in much better shape than some of other key streets in the lower city. 🤔

@CHCHNews @MattIngramNEWS Hamilton is paying too much money, to repair the storm drains that they had connected to the sewers. They don't have anymore money to fix up their sticky city roads.

@CHCHNews @MattIngramNEWS This hole city is falling apart. But nice to see taxes raised. Can't wait to get out.

@CHCHNews @MattIngramNEWS Too busy with bike lakes that can only be used 4 months of the year.

@CHCHNews @MattIngramNEWS Burlington Street was on the “worst roads” list for about 8 to 10yrs before it was fixed. So In theory, Barton St E will be fixed by 2029

@CHCHNews @MattIngramNEWS Yeah atleast @cityofhamilton won something! Mind you not sure if they should be celebrating!