What is happening in Texas? ­čą┤­čŹ╗ Credit lonestarleft on tiktok #texas #gop #drunk #wtf

@ChangeTheSyst14 That what happen when the GOP have a super majority, they break every rules in the books, why not the Supreme Court Judge do it.

@ChangeTheSyst14 Lol ­čść He just returned from a three-drink lunch.

@ChangeTheSyst14 I may be wrong, but expand the video. I think its been slowed down like Jimmy Kimmel does. There are points where it looks like his lips are not in sync with what he is saying. At one point, they are almost closed but the sound goes for another fraction of a second.

@krkhns @ChangeTheSyst14 I saw gestures that totally matched the speech and sometimes lip movements that looked like he was ÔÇťchewing his lipÔÇŁ with no sound. But nothing like you pointed out. What word/sound did you hear after lips were closed?

@ChangeTheSyst14 I don't know. Maybe the immigration crisis is getting the best of him.­čĄĚ