Kyle did exactly what she did to Garcelle about the auction payment missing to Sutton last night. Showing pictures of her chimney ruined in her home, but never let Sutton know it was a problem until the reunion. She’s so desperate! #RHOBHReunion

@Christinadjb The way they laughed about it sounded like they’d talked about it already.

@Christinadjb My family owns a chimney company, Lindemann Chimney Service. The fault is in the owner @KyleRichards for not cleaning the chimney in the first place. It’s not like it’s expensive 🤷‍♀️. But you could have prevented a chimney fire. Good thing Sutton is ok❣️@SuttonBStracke

@Christinadjb Kyle Rinna & Erika are the reasons I quit watching.

@KorinaLMoss @Christinadjb Sutton didn’t look too happy about it tho…but true to form..she stayed classy… Sutton and Garcelle have that down…ind it seems to puss the other ladies off…which makes me love it even more🥰🤷‍♀️😳

@jocelynburrell1 @Christinadjb @KyleRichards @SuttonBStracke You are correct. This is 100% the landlords responsibility & you’re right, it’s pure luck that someone didn’t get hurt. Shame on Kyle & Mo. isn’t Mo SUPPOSE to be a hotshot realtor? He should know better

@Christinadjb Exactly knowing that Sutton can definitely afford to replace or repair it I just think she was being petty and wanted camera time yet she’s the first one to preach “honesty”

@Christinadjb I kinda took it as she was joking with her about it. Didn’t get the vibe that she was that pissed.

@RealityySoup She’s passive aggressive. Smile, laugh while embarrassing someone on purpose.

@Christinadjb Ooh that's good ... I didn't think about it like that. But it was weird for her to bring that part up and had receipts. She didn't have to say that. Sutton was like "you know I will pay for it"...I wouldn't said nothing and just laughed it off making it real awkward 😅😂🤣

@justsayin864 Right? Smile and jab, just like Dorit said about Garcelle. Hypocrites.