I was about to not blame Mac but what a fucking moron. Cost the team points at halftime and then again to end the game. You can’t be drafted for your mind and consistently be the dumbest fucking person on the field. Holy shit what an idiot

@ColeyMick Dude. Game is on the special teams and the worst overturned TD in a while.

@ColeyMick Coley id put down the phone after this one

@ColeyMick Baby pats fan doing what he does best

@ColeyMick Most of your Mac criticisms this season have been fair, but he played really well tonight. Taking that sack was one of the only bad plays amongst a really good game…

@CBrinson47 @ColeyMick Literally went from 0% to 90% of his potential in one week. If you’re talking about Mac after this game (especially after ALL that went down) you’re just looking to fit a narrative

@ColeyMick All these reply’s are hilarious because you’re 100% spot on. Took two of the worst sacks of all time that just absolutely can’t happen. Does it all the time, always panics when the moment gets big