Not just another record broken, but another record earned. I think it is really important, whatever it is that you want to achieve in life, that you set goals, so you have something to work towards. I hope this goal will help you reach your greatness. #nike #nikefootball

@Cristiano Today I took on Mr. Pionel Pendres Pessi, a worker from la liga who came to paris looking for a job after being dismissed by his previous employer. I have decided to give him a contract as he's the most talented farmer I've seen. Goodbye.

@Cristiano RECORD BREAKER 👑 Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest scorer in the history of the men’s international game. 111 Goals⚽️ Greatness. 🐐

@Shatakumasi @Cristiano After doing wat you just posted yesterday, did it change the score board. Paaaaains