Feeling the scent of a perfume that refreshes your mind. #CR7 #PLAYFECTIONISM #CR7FRAGRANCES #FRAGRANCES #CR7ORIGINS

@Cristiano Im taking this Haaland over every version of you 😭

@Cristiano Top 10 players aot 1) Messi 🐐🇦🇷 2) Maradona 3) Pelé 4) R9 5) Zidane 6) Cruyff 7) Beckenbauer 8) Ronaldinho 9) Maldini 10) Inesta Sorry penaldo but you're not top 10 in my book

@mayo_np19 @Cristiano 공부를 이렇게 열심히 했다면, 이 짓을 안하고 있을텐데 안타깝다.

@Cristiano @gtbank_help I made a transfer this afternoon and I have been debited both ways and the receiver is yet to get the money and now they are delaying me here.

@SwagnificientA Hi, Thank you for reaching out to us. Kindly send us a direct message @gtbank_help with your enquiry/complaint to enable us assist.