If you own a Jays Osuna jersey, why on earth would you wear it to the ballpark? Morts, I swear 🤌

@realmitchburner There’s a guy here with duct tape over a name he regrets buying. Wrote Manoah in sharpie. That costs 2 bucks. No excuses.

@MarissaRoberto I’m not saying I would wear one but judging people off the jersey they’re wearing seems exhausting

@realmitchburner guys like that don’t get to be heroes. I will call it out if I see it every single time.

@MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner Honestly that’s super lame, regardless of what Osuna did

@OfSportsandMen @MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner I wouldn’t wear that jersey if it were free. They also erased Alomar from around the Skydome and cut ties, rightly so: thestar.com/sports/bluejay…

@Dapper_Tux @MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner Still weird to just automatically assume someone is making a statement by wearing a jersey. For all you know that person still wears an Osuna jersey because it’s all they can afford. It’s not endorsing his past misdeed

@MarissaRoberto @OfSportsandMen @realmitchburner I’ll mail you the tape and marker, free of charge. But we both know, that’s not the issue here…

@Dapper_Tux @MarissaRoberto @realmitchburner Don’t even own an Osuna jersey and I wouldn’t wear one for the same reasons you wouldn’t. Thanks for missing the point, though. Ever consider they burrowed it, can’t afford to replace it or maybe don’t even know why Osuna left the team because they don’t live and breathe sports?