@womenonIine Theres people in this thread that pretend to give a shit about mental health issues then go around and make jokes about mentally ill soldiers beating their partners. Its crazy what twitter does to people.

@VeggieBlue @womenonIine a great way to prevent this would be to simply abolish the military and use their funding to support mental health services. but I have a feeling you'd be opposed to this.

@idkboiiiiis @VeggieBlue @womenonIine Bro how are you a year younger than me and still think the idea of abolishing the military is remotely fucking coherent

@HowlingIdiot @idkboiiiiis @VeggieBlue @womenonIine Gimme a non imperialist reason for the existence of the usa army, those fucker pollute more than whole ass country, between many other reasons to abolish them

@OlmoLavalle @HowlingIdiot @idkboiiiiis @VeggieBlue @womenonIine If the US abolished their military, the first thing that would happen is North Korea would invade South Korea and millions of people would die in that war, Russia would look at Ukraine, Estonia and Lithuania, not as sovereign nations, but Russian territories needing to come…

@OlmoLavalle @HowlingIdiot @idkboiiiiis @VeggieBlue @womenonIine Back to the motherland. In the unlikely event that China doesn’t invade the US because all of a sudden their biggest competitor just decided to do the brain dead decision to dismantle their army and they should get in before they change their mind, the most well backed…

@OlmoLavalle @HowlingIdiot @idkboiiiiis @VeggieBlue @womenonIine Militia would probably take their place and considering how it’s the right who tend to have a ton of more organised militias and guns than the left, I hope you enjoy living under some equivalent of martial law from the Proud Boys.

@everetses @David22051994 @OlmoLavalle @HowlingIdiot @idkboiiiiis @VeggieBlue @womenonIine Huh, I wonder why that is... Totally not because the US interfered at some point

@tidalmotion @David22051994 @OlmoLavalle @HowlingIdiot @idkboiiiiis @VeggieBlue @womenonIine This gotta be the most ignorant interpretation of these conflicts or the fattest bait I’ve ever read