Good afternoon @RSPCA_official as a VP can I call upon you to urgently investigate and definitively prosecute this appalling abuse - thus upholding our standards of animal welfare protection . Thank you . RT

@DeborahMeaden You can bet this isn’t the 1st time she’s done it, but thankfully now filmed and shamed I’m sure it’s the last.

@DeborahMeaden Losing your temper and reacting like this to an animal or human being is abuse and should be treated as such. I hope both @RSPCA_official and police investigate. And those who know who she is report her

@DeborahMeaden Ahhhh! Look it’s the civilised upper classes!

@KarlBuzz16 @DeborahMeaden Definitely, the poor horse flinches as though it knows what's coming

@imy2323 @DeborahMeaden They treat horses as vehicles to hunt. No regard whatsoever. A poor hunt horse is lucky to last two 'seasons'..they are ridden into the ground.

@iliad1orig @DeborahMeaden I agree with the lions just hope they don't get indigestion