"And so, despite a heavy heart, baseball gets up out of the dirt, brushes itself off … hoping in some small way to inspire the nation to do the same." #NeverForget

@Dodgers I am lucky to have grown up in SoCal in the 70s and have Vin, Chick and Bob Miller (Kings) as my sports play-by-plays. Didn't even need a TV, they painted a picture with words.

@galleg000s @Dodgers @Buster_ESPN @_BigBert_1 @Murcielagoman12 I got so much shit cause I hated on him, I'm not doing it again lmao

@Dodgers @TheVinScully Class, wisdom, and intelligence on display from the greatest to ever call a baseball game the legendary Mr.Vin Scully.

@Dodgers @TheVinScully The ability of the national pastime to help shake off the shock of the attack and the losses, and our collective thoughts, expressed by the best ever. Thank you @TheVinScully #NeverForget

@Dodgers Is it just me or should they have canceled that game out of respect of the thousands of innocent lives lost that day?

@BrianCu38164311 @Dodgers They did, this was Scully's speech on 9/17/01 when the dodgers season resumed a few days after 9/11.

@Dodgers @RodgersyDodgers Miss Vin & love him❤️feel blessed to have grown up listening to him. Absolutely the greatest.

@TaplinMichele @Dodgers Been meaning to ask you…. How are u , being that much closer to the fires?