MANNIS: “I’d be lying if I said there weren’t times I got frustrated.” Rep. @EddieMannis (R-KNOXVILLE) — the only out gay @TNGOP legislator — is retiring after one term. We asked him if his party’s obsession with persecuting 🏳️‍🌈 people is a factor… he did not deny it👇🏽😳

🚨 @EddieMannis, the only out gay Republican legislator in Tennessee (retired after 1 TERM) felt “BULLIED” by speaker @CSexton25 and the @tnhousegop — adding @ElaineDavis will “fit right in”😳🏳️‍🌈 Here’s when we asked him if this was why he was leaving:…

@TheTNHoller @EddieMannis @CSexton25 @tnhousegop @ElaineDavis @CSexton25 is as small a man as I’ve ever come across in my 67 years. Vengeful,spiteful,arrogant,bullying,self righteous & not too bright. In other words, a complete and total prick. Plus.. he is a damn liar…and a racist one at that. Basically @GlenCasada 2.0. #BeneathContempt

@DuncanReport @TheTNHoller @EddieMannis @CSexton25 @tnhousegop @ElaineDavis @GlenCasada Twice now I’ve run against @CSexton and talked only about the issues. Both times he’s run nonsense radio ads making fun of me and a mailer calling me “nutty” and “radical.” It felt bullying. We only have to look at how he treated @VoteGloriaJ to know who he is.

@afquillen @TheTNHoller @EddieMannis @CSexton25 @tnhousegop @ElaineDavis @GlenCasada @CSexton @VoteGloriaJ Thank you for running. I know that’s huge undertaking. I’m sorry you were treated this way. It’s clear that @CSexton25 is a spiritually and morally unhealthy individual…a danger to our communities.