#OTD in 2008 we released the first direct image of exoplanet #BetaPictoris b, taken with the now retired NACO instrument at #VLT: eso.org/public/news/es… Many more "firsts" enabled by direct images of Beta Pictoris b followed, see below! 👇 📷 ESO/A.-M. Lagrange et al.

Subsequent NACO observations of Beta Pictoris b allowed astronomers to directly follow, for the first time, the motion of an exoplanet as it moves from one side of its host star to the other. Read more: eso.org/public/news/es… 📷 ESO/A.-M. Lagrange

Observations continued with SPHERE, another #VLT instrument, which captured an unprecedented series of images showing the passage of #BetaPictoris b around its parent star. Read more: eso.org/public/images/… 📷 ESO/Lagrange/SPHERE consortium

@ESO I remember the picture of the ẞ pic accretion disc 35 years ago.... That was something really special to see and think about. ❤️

@ESO @NASAWebb I think you should rewrite this for clarity

@ESO @NASAWebb Incredible. @dekeonethree, thought you'd find this interesting.