Darius Slay got just one All-Pro vote, which surprised me a little bit. Here's how CB voting broke down: Trevon Diggs: 33 Jalen Ramsey: 32 J.C. Jackson: 25 A.J. Terrell: 8 Darius Slay: 1 Marshon Lattimore: 1

@DZangaroNBCS Diggs got smoked way too many times to be an all-pro. I don't care how many picks you got. It can't be a toss up everytime the ball comes your way. All-pro is lock down, throw at somebody else

@jayrock53066 @DZangaroNBCS Normally I’m with you but he got 11 picks that’s not willy nilly being done on a year to year basis. He inspires fear just like those top guys he’s averaging like 2 picks every 3 games

@ChrisLap_18 @jayrock53066 @DZangaroNBCS If he “inspires fear” he wouldn’t have given up over 1000 yards receiving and continue to be thrown at. INT’s are such a poor stat because catches can be tipped and QB’s can completely miss wide open WR’s. Show me QB rating when targeted and air yards given up.

@Ethan512002 @ChrisLap_18 @jayrock53066 @DZangaroNBCS While the yards are true, he’s only going to get better at gambling on routes. I see a lot of Asante Samuel in his game in that he tries to bait QBs and sometimes gets burned tryna make the play but if he gets the piccs doing that, you can live w it

@ohhDee__ @ChrisLap_18 @jayrock53066 @DZangaroNBCS You cannot excuse giving up close to 1200 yards because he has 11 picks. There’s no excuse for that if you are an all pro corner. He needs a year against a strong schedule. The NFC East faced some of the worst QB’s this year.

@Ethan512002 @ChrisLap_18 @jayrock53066 @DZangaroNBCS Eagles faced ALOT of the best receivers in the league this year, Big Play Slay has had himself one hell of a year shuttin them down for the most part and he only got 1 vote, this mf gave up an entire good season for a WR and is first team all pro…shit crazy

@ohhDee__ @ChrisLap_18 @jayrock53066 @DZangaroNBCS I really misread your first tweet cause now I see what you were saying. Im not surprised about the selection because diggs is in the media all the time. He draws attention to the sport in some way. Guys like slay and JC Jackson don’t get the recognition cause they just play.