BREAKING NEWS: President Biden announces that his administration will erase over $415 million in student loan debt taken out by 16,000 students who were scammed by phony for-profit “colleges” such as Trump University. RT TO THANK PRESIDENT BIDEN FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING!

@OccupyDemocrats Is that it? What happened to cancelling all student loans? But Billions to Ukraine - no problem. I'm pretty sure you can do both.

@ColombanRobert @OccupyDemocrats It makes sense for Biden to do this in stages. There is still a lot of pushback on the idea of cancelling all student debt,!that is the goal. Seems to me that all of those losing their minds that it wasn’t enough don’t know much about diplomacy.

@EudoraCreative @ColombanRobert @OccupyDemocrats It also makes sense that he would do it for people scammed by 'trump University' 😂 you really can't see hows he's tugging on the heartstrings on his supporters just enough to reel them back in? His campaign promise won't be happening lol, even if it did there would be outrage