"The opposite of woke is institutionalised racism, sexism and homophobia."  Following today's damning Met police report, @mrjamesob thinks the media bears some responsibility.

@LBC @mrjamesob No it's not. The Met are one of the wokest organisations in the UK.

@RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob Woke means substituting morality, work, integrity and charity for platitudes, semantics and sentiment. It's what corporations do whilst they are raping the world, and what the Met do when they are raping women.

@HughOxford @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob I just think the word has been given dozens of definitions and at this point it’s just meaningless. However I agree with your statement but I don’t think the general push for civil rights is to blame.

@insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob Neither do I. MLK was not woke. He stood for the Christian morality which allows people to stand up to exploitation. He demanded to be judged on the content of his character.

@HughOxford @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob I think what you should investigate is how the media at the time liked to label mlk. Buzz words like woke are no different. It’s a media strategy to allow people to write off any reaction to discrimination as woke.

@insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob All things known today as "woke" tend towards advancing corporate hegemony. Open borders, sexual licence, attacks on marriage and the family, the denigration of national identities, gender ideology. Things that make the individual atomised and weak, and the corporations strong.

@HughOxford @insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob He was entirely woke as all Christians should be. Racism is a sin.

@HughOxford @insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob Black people used the term "Stay Woke" as a alert, be aware of social injustice, discrimination & danger around you. During Post slavery/ JimCrow Era where driving into "Sundown Towns" could mean death for blacks. Media has changed the word to fit a negative narrative.