@LBC @mrjamesob No it's not. The Met are one of the wokest organisations in the UK.

@RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob Woke means substituting morality, work, integrity and charity for platitudes, semantics and sentiment. It's what corporations do whilst they are raping the world, and what the Met do when they are raping women.

@HughOxford @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob I just think the word has been given dozens of definitions and at this point it’s just meaningless. However I agree with your statement but I don’t think the general push for civil rights is to blame.

@insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob Neither do I. MLK was not woke. He stood for the Christian morality which allows people to stand up to exploitation. He demanded to be judged on the content of his character.

@HughOxford @insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob He was entirely woke as all Christians should be. Racism is a sin.

@LoudCityMickey @insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob No it doesn't. Lots of black people oppose woke ideology. Most African churches are characterised by ideas that can be understood as anti-woke.

@LoudCityMickey @insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob As I say, the substitution of platitudes, semiotics and linguistic gestures for genuine charity and love in order to assist the global corporations in advancing their goals through division, demoralisation and conquest.

@HughOxford @insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob That's the most preposterous load of crap imaginable. Whoever fed you that is clueless. The king of "antiwoke" even knows the real meaning

@LoudCityMickey @insides_un @RadioNightTrain @LBC @mrjamesob What would you expect corporate lawyers to say? Presumably they work for the same organisations that use all black actors in their advertising whilst exploiting child labour in Africa. That's one aspect of wokery.