Breaking NYT: The Justice Department is seeking to question Mike Pence as a witness in connection with its criminal investigation into Trump's efforts to stay in power after he lost the 2020 election, according to two people familiar with the matter.…

@Angry_Staffer When I was in the DOJ, grand jury subpoenas always worked to get information from recalcitrant witnesses. They need to stop treating these guys with kid gloves. Pence is just an ordinary fact witness like you and me. Subpoena him.

@MLGoldman1 @Angry_Staffer Seems like it would be faster to get his voluntary cooperation than to subpoena him and have him invoke executive privilege which they'll then have to go through the process of getting a judge to deny it. That avenue is still open if he says no, but why prompt it?

@neeyalornodeal @MLGoldman1 @Angry_Staffer What executive privilege? He's not the VP anymore than Trump is not the President anymore. No one is above the law!