1 day is 7 billion different experiences. That always blows my mind. What country / providence / state are you reading this in and what kind of day was today for you?

@JimBelushi Province? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that auto correct. I bought a fake degree from Canada one time so I could teach in Taiwan and it said I graduated from the ‘Providence of Saskatchewan’.. I didn’t notice the typo and apparently neither did the government.

@JimBelushi Florida - I’m a vet dealing w my issues today. Trying to dissect what haunts me and make positive changes. And what clears the mind so I can focus, Gods gift- Cannabis!! Just smoked and randomly pulled up Twitter and here you are @JimBelushi . Have a budiful day buddy!!!!

@JimBelushi Hot and sunny Michigan. Excited for the flowers to start blooming

@JimBelushi Saw a girl from HS. When I was 16, I got dragged to a club w/nude dancers. She (15) was dancing on stage nude, performing sex acts w/ women, & doing guys in the back for [email protected] She was dating a friend at the time, so I told him. Today, she gave me shit about it. #IWasntWrong

@JimBelushi Am thinkin i would buy dog food with a little weed in it if it was available since weed is good for you why not for dogs?

@JimBelushi Greetings from beautiful East Tennessee! Having a good day. Still recovering from vacation in New Orleans last week. (I'm embarrassed Marsha Blackburn is my senator.)

@JimBelushi CHICAGOLAND! MEDICATE daily FOR SPINAL CANCER & wasn't a good DAY! VERY low on my MAIN MEDS so my pain is much worse! I HATE the dozens of PILLS I am required to take but IS SO COSTLY for a SEVERE indigent disabled vets REAL MEDS! ?JIM- U THINK INSUR. COMP. WILL EVER help pay?