Daniel Freiheit (@LionAdvocacy) says Council needs to drop its mandatory vaccination policy for new employees. That the City needs to rebuild trust after the pandemic. A lawyer by profession, he does not agree with the City’s mandatory COVID vaccination policy for new employees.

Jean L Fair, a Stinson resident, is speaking about concerns about having a consumption treatment site at 746 Barton St E. Says having public consultation after approval does not build trust. "What steps will you take to protect the locals?" she asks.

Fair is outlying concerns about the number of social services in Ward 3 and moving to Ward 3. She says the rights and concerns of residents of Ward 3 are being ignoring.

Ward 3 Clr Nrinder Nann (@NrinderWard3) asks if Fair has reviewed the 1200 names on the petition. Nann says many duplicates, people without addresses or postal code provided. Fair responds that Hamilton needs a policy for petitions so people know what is required.

The annual Clean Air Hamilton air quality report is now being presented to Council. Clean Air Hamilton Chair Dr. Bruce Newbold, Ph.D., is presenting. mira.mcmaster.ca/team/bio/bruce…

Council now debating the practicality of declaring a State of Emergency regarding the opioid crisis. Staff report notes declaring a State of Emergency will not unlock any provincial funding or support. #yhmcc

Ward 9 Clr Brad Clark says he is frustrated that Niagara Region declared a State of Emergency, meanwhile, Hamilton staff do not recommend a state of emergency. "I'm frustrated, I don't want to just hear the bureaucratic approach" Says Emergency will be issue "front and centre"

Ward 9 Clr Brad Clark will move for a declaration of State of Emergency under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act.

Staff note: "In Ontario, financial assistance for emergencies to cover extraordinary costs after a disaster ... is conditional on municipal costs totalling at least three per cent of the municipality’s tax levy ... is very specific to natural disasters"

UPDATE: Clark will bring his motions forth at this Thursday's Emergency and Community Services meeting - not moving today at Board of Health. #yhmcc

Motion from Nann to formally oppose any extension or continuation of special permissions for contaminants above the provincially regulated general air standards at ArcelorMittal Dofasco. Now being debated. #yhmcc

Mayor Horwath caution on the economic consequences if Dofasco is no longer able to continue their operations. Clark notes the motion may be premature, we do not know where the process of permit renewal is.

Danko says ArcelorMittal Dofasco was given time to bring down the contaminants from their operations, that Council must take a firm stance that all industry must meet provincial air standards without site specific exceptions.

@JoeyColeman Let’s not forget that those emissions will essentially go to zero when @ArcelorMittal_D commissions its DRI facility and eliminates the coke ovens and blast furnace operations. @NrinderWard3 @JohnPaulDanko