Of immediate note on the @cityofhamilton disclosure Both Dan McKinnon and Andrew Grice - who was suddenly removed from their position in Sept 2021 by the City Manager - remain on payroll [Which indicates the CM did not have grounds, "without case"] #yhmcc thepublicrecord.ca/2021/09/hamilt…

@JoeyColeman @cityofhamilton That jumped out at me - are we still paying their salaries?

@JoeyColeman @cityofhamilton 🚨SERIOUS concerns about actions of City Manager need to be reviewed ASAP by Council: why the expensive "special projects" mystery manager? Why still paying the two managers who left? Why secret meetings? Why target a journalist? #cdnmedia #HamOnt #HamOnt youtu.be/TsNM_ZjLOHo

@JoeyColeman @cityofhamilton September 24, 2021, the city confirmed they no longer worked there. cbc.ca/news/canada/ha… As per the article: "As of Friday, both McKinnon and Grice are no longer with the city, human resources executive director Lora Fontana confirmed in an email." #HamOnt

@JoeyColeman @cityofhamilton "City Manager Janette Smith wrote in an email this morning that McKinnon “informed me that he was going to retire from the City effective immediately.” CBC @samanthacraggs Was there any litigation? Could this be severance pay? Too many unanswered questions. #HamOnt

@JoeyColeman @cityofhamilton Something sketchy about this City Manager & her side kick - THEY BOTH HAVE TO GO!!

@JoeyColeman @cityofhamilton Joey were they fired with cause? You should know before going off like this. I assume not which would suggest the latter.

@JoeyColeman @cityofhamilton You can add Gordon McGuire to your list of fired employees that got a golden deal. $177k wasted