Hamilton's "Integrity Commissioners," in an unsigned decision, state Ward 7 Clr Esther Pauls violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when she voted on the police budget at Police Board due to her son being a sworn officer. 2wks pay penalty. #yhmcc pub-hamilton.escribemeetings.com/filestream.ash…

@JoeyColeman That makes me very Happy, hence, that's why she has been backing the Police budget.

@JoeyColeman Will that be the same pretend penalty that Terry Whitehead paid?

@JoeyColeman No game awareness. what was she thinking?

@Howard20420240 @JoeyColeman Still none. She continues to advocate on her son's behalf. Most recently she brought up the vaccine mandate when Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility issues were being discussed. She indicated the vaccine mandate should be removed for better inclusion. #ConflictOfInterest

@JoeyColeman Didn’t we all see this conflict of interest? Where was the mayor? And why isn’t the city’s mainstream media all over the myriad of problems surrounding city administration?

@JoeyColeman Wasn’t this brought up before about her being a member of the police board and her son being an officer. Now she’s voting.

@JoeyColeman What was the result of the vote? Would her vote have made a difference?

@JoeyColeman Is anyone going to check, to see if she actually is docked?

@JoeyColeman It’s quite the read. 😳 Gonna be an action packed Council meeting.