@BinspectorQ @Tdub_football Beasley wasn’t that in Dallas…John Brown is so good he’s been cut by three teams now…and Knox? You don’t watch the bills do you?

@KRadalasko @Tdub_football Bills signed Beasley based off what he was in Dallas. What Brown is now after injury doesn't matter. What he was in 2019 was good. Yes I do.

@BinspectorQ @Tdub_football Then you would know until this year Knox was terry much considered a bust and Beasley was Dallas’s number 3 receiver behind Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup

@KRadalasko @Tdub_football Beasley is a slot receiver.. Mike Williams was considered a bust 2 years ago.

@BinspectorQ @Tdub_football Yes Keenan Allen is only one of the best receivers in football

@BinspectorQ @Tdub_football Diggs was acquired in year 3 he wasn’t there from the moment he was drafted like allen was for Herbert

@BinspectorQ @Tdub_football Cole Beasley had two free agent offers one from New England and one from Buffalo he wasn’t in high demand and John Brown has been cut by three teams

@KRadalasko @Tdub_football Brown was injured last year that's why. Keenan was passed up by 32 teams multiple times.

@KRadalasko @Tdub_football Well, there you go. Stop using dumb using dumb arguments.