@KimKardashian Laugh now til one of ur kids come home w/real ones!

@KimKardashian Am I the only one who doesn't really buy that this child is sitting around listening to Black Sabbath? I think Kim's trying to make her appear "cool" in some way. I put NOTHING past these people. Just like how immediately after she tells about the face tattoos we get this.

@KimKardashian I didn't see the angels but when I saw you it was different 😘❤️ Kim

@KimKardashian I sent this to my mother because when I got my face tats one of her arguments was “you don’t see Kim Kardashian with that shit” lol

@KimKardashian Dem some cool tats Kim!! The Kardashian Gang is tight haha 🙏🌞🙏