If you missed the show it’s now streaming on @hulu

@KimKardashian @hulu the way you dragged everyone in the first 5 mins 😭

@KimKardashian @hulu Superb job of an ice-breaker at @nbcsnl without the Os & Js spat. Love the Gold digger gag. Gonna sent @kanyewest to No. 1. God bless you and your family.

@KimKardashian @hulu What about the U.K.?? I can’t get Hulu😩

@KimKardashian @hulu Ms. Kim, may you and @kanyewest get back together. Been a fan of you both. You whose love for each other is genuine & real. Despite all the wealth and glamour that surround you, your feet are on the ground. You have amazing children, the product of your love. God bless you always

@KimKardashian @hulu I watched my eight minutes of it and thought it was pretty stupid

@RyanBro63388041 @KimKardashian @hulu Did you understand anything. If you don't follower her or her family I can't get why you would think that

@KimKardashian @hulu "Famous for being famous is a pejorative term for someone who attains celebrity status for no identifiable reason (as opposed to fame based on achievement, skill, talent) & generates their own fame, or someone who achieves fame through an association with an existing celebrity."

@annielia_ @KimKardashian @hulu If you have Sky it aired on Sky Comedy. Me and my sister watched it today on catch up 😊