Thank you @GovofCO 🙏🏼👏🏼

@KimKardashian @GovofCO Kim Kardashian doing more for people than elected politicians.

@KimKardashian @GovofCO TEN YEARS IS STILL TOO MUCH. A vehicle failure causing an accident is not criminal. So, no thank you

@Wandy_Ivette @KimKardashian @GovofCO 4 people died & you think that’s too much? I think the original sentence was outrageous but he can’t have a slap on the wrist either. 😬🤣

@KimKardashian @GovofCO I don’t understand why people are upset he’s still serving time? he did not deserve 110 years because that was an excessive sentence for an accident he didn’t mean to happen. However, lives were still lost. He’s also eligible for parole in 2026. This is a win for Rogel.

@pugllover0217 @KimKardashian @GovofCO so true but is better then 110 years he might come home sooner

@karencynv @KimKardashian @GovofCO Definitely not a win when it wasn’t his fault at all, yet he’s being punished. If they wanted real justice then he would be free and they would go for the makers of the truck. He could not have avoided that in any way. He literally had no control.