Gov Jared Polis @GovofCO also announced that he has granted 3 commutations, 15 individual pardons & has signed an Executive Order granting 1,351 pardons for convictions of possession of 2ounces or less of marijuana. Marijuana is legal in Colorado, it’s the right thing to do! 👏🏼

@KimKardashian @GovofCO God bless you Kim, you're a great American. So many people cruelly sentenced, we have some very harsh laws.

@KimKardashian @GovofCO Still its linked to mental health problems, just something to consider.

@KimKardashian @GovofCO @KimKardashian Hello Maam, How do I contact you for a legal matter? I'm extremely new to twitter, but I could really use your services PLEASE HELP.

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