the best is yet to be 🖤

@KimKardashian I think you won't have any more benchmarks if you continue with this little Peter, they can be your child you show your nudity to your child attention you might regret it later

@KimKardashian #Justice4CameronHerrin #cameronwasnotracing Insurance paid $5m because NO PROOF OF RACING! Return the $5m to the Herrin's. #USA

@KimKardashian Locals in Tampa comments on the day itself on ABC live stream. #Justice4CameronHerrin #Tampa

@KimKardashian Hubbard's salary increased by 20% in 2019. What did you do Hubbard? Your boss now has a lot to say of his kids raised in a $1,4m home. What do you say now? Bias prosecutor! #Justice4CameronHerrin #cameronwasnotracing #FreeCameron @indeed