suit yourself

@KimKardashian Kanye needs to style you cause wth is this

@KimKardashian seriously you are not as you were, me I without missing something, make yourself the examination of conscience, you will see that I am right, I feel that you miss your husband,🌚

@KimKardashian We don’t need Kanye, hire me as your stylist… love the jacket, gloves, purse… the body fit gotta goooooo . It’s doing too much and not enough at the same time and that’s trouble 🥴

@KimKardashian You're the only 1 I like in Kardashian family you cool I wish you the best this year you have my blessings Kayne hasn't been right after his mother die it fuck his mind up I know because I woke up and my mother was dead I haven't been same we both are going threw something