Kim what new shows are you watching ?

Just started some old school shows I’ve never seen like Dexter and The Sopranos.…

@sarahrhoward Not sure lol I’m up organizing about about to watch Sex & The City and fall asleep

@KimKardashian @sarahrhoward After finish dexter check out the spinoff dexter new blood

@KimKardashian Kim- you should watch Mindhunters on Netflix…. Omg! It’s about the behavioral analysis unit back in the 60’s based on a real FBI agent’s experience. You’d love it!

@KimKardashian @sarahrhoward Acting like Khloe now. All hurt and desperate for attention because the Ex has a new beauty from Italia!

@KimKardashian @sarahrhoward Breaking News!! Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with Julius Jones!! #KimKardashian #JuliusJones